It has taken me since I started this page in October to finally feel like I can fill this section out. Hi, I am Rylie Pederson of Mom Fueling Hungry Boys. I have two amazing sweet boys Kingston (4), and Greyson (2). I am married to my awesome husband Rory Pederson. These are the boys that make up my "Hungry Boys".  I haven't always liked cooking and lord knows I haven't been good at baking for very long at all.

I started this website because my Facebook page needed a home space away from the app. My amazing friend Alex built this for me.
I am a stay-at-home mom in North Dakota but I haven't always been the best at it. I found my relief and relaxation in the kitchen. The catch in the beginning was that I wasn't very good but I did have the passion. I stumbled and stepped my way through recipe after recipe gaining knowledge and skill.

That is why I started my LIVE cooking show on Facebook. I wanted to show moms and wives like myself that you don't have to be perfect and you may screw up sometimes. In the end your husband, kid, or friends will not care if it looks beautiful or perfect. All they will notice is the effort and time you put in to bring the meal to the table. They will be thankful for that aand that alone.

So come check out my page and come get to know me more.

More info coming soon

I'm not a big writer so I'm focusing on the site and new recipes first!

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