4 thoughts on “Firecracker Chicken

  1. Yurie s idea is good if you going to fry the chicken anyway, just enjoy it like that simple, crispy, saves an hour. I cooked the recipe to the letter except for subbing xylitol for sugar, but was really disappointed. I don t know why i thought something magical would happen, I mean if you tip liquid over fried food, it s going to be soggy. Maybe that s the point to replicate a take out that s been sat in a plastic bag for an hour? Have better expectations of food, people! Worst thing was the vinegar though. I add apple cider vinegar to my bath so I m used to the smell, but even after resting this dish for 10 minutes before serving, this fumes literally brought tears to my eyes at the table. My finished dish looked pretty, but this isn t for me, sorry.

    1. Thank you so much for participating and cooking along, I’m so glad to have you! I find sometimes the second time I make something I notice a tiny step I missed or didn’t do right the first time and it’s better. I hope that you will give it a second try and it turns out the way it’s meant to!

  2. Made this for my sister and I tonight, and it was SO GOOD.  Not gonna lie, it was a lot of work- frying the chicken took FOEVER, and now I have lots of pretty little burn dots on my hands from the oil Nevertheless, I love this chicken, and I will make it (and more than likely get burned) again because sometimes good food requires sacrifice, ya know? I might also cheat a little and simply bake nonbreaded chicken in the sauce a little less authentic, but still a whole lotta tasty. Thanks for a great recipe! 

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